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What is Fashionable Brat by Scarlett James?

What is Fashionable Brat by Scarlett James?
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Hello my lovely readers!

As I am taking bold steps into the online shopping world, I wanted to take this opportunity to re-introduce myself, and let the long time followers, and newcomers know a little more about me.

So, Who am I?

I am Scarlett James, an international Burlesque Performer, founder and Producer of the Montreal Burlesque Festival and costume and accessory designer, amongst other things!

I got into Burlesque in 2007 after seeing a Burlesque show for the 1st time, and like a lot of interested viewers,  fell in love with the art form.

I come from a family of artists, both on my mother and my father's line,  so their was no other way for me but to follow what my genetic makeup predestined me to do; be a creative, out of the box, fashionable, artsy lady!

What was Scarlett James before the world of Burlesque, you might ask? Well, before it became my full time passion, I was at different times a painter by trade, a Make-Up Artist, a Nail Technician and even dipped my toes into acting.

France is where I grew up and where I did all my studies, hence the French accent I like to think I don't have, lol!

Now I have launched my online store and my 1st line of fancy clutches, aswell as my vlog! Not enough hours in a day!

So this is a bit about me! I hope I can entertain all of you with my little slice of life! 
IG: @scarlettjamesofficial 




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